List Of Main Works 主な作品

Original Works :

  • "Moonlight" for soprano and piano ソプラノとピアノのための「つきのひかり」(2014)
  • "Color of Soul" 5 songs for soprano and piano 歌曲集「こころの色」(2013)
  • “Autumn Bronze” for brass quintet (2009)
  • “Fires In the Whisper of a Soul” for double-string quartet (2006-2009)
  • "Vision of Equinox" for Orchestra (2005 - 2006)
  • "On a Field of Wintry Glass" for violin, cello and piano (2000)
  • "The Moon Was Gazing" for mezzo soprano, flute and piano (2000)
  • "Seven Short Songs ~with Lyrics by Misuzu Kaneko" 金子みすゞの詩による7つのちいさな歌 (1997)
  • "The Gates of Dreams " for violin and piano (1997)

Arranged Works:

  • “Kimigayo (Japanese National Anthem) “ for 4-part chorus (2006)
  • “America the Beautiful” for 4-part chorus, solo soprano and piano (2007)
  • “Sakura Sakura” (“Cherry blossoms”- traditional Japanese song) for 4-part chorus, solo soprano and piano (2008)
  • “Going Home” (original tune by Ant. Dvorak) for 4-part chorus and piano (2009)

Film Music (Television) :

  • "Broadcast Documentary: The Moment of Diplomacy ~The China-US Relationship That Nixon's Tapes Revealed" (2005, Japan, NHK)
  • "NHK Special: 9.11 ~ The Truth After A Year ~" (2002 Japan, NHK)
  • "Broadcast Hi-vision special: Jihad - The Reckless Endangerment" (2002, Japan, NHK)
  • "Wild Clay, Ancient Fire ~Willi Singeleton and His Pottery~" (2002, USA)
  • "Hi-Vision Documentary Special: The Political Refugees" (2001, Japan, NHK)

Film Music (Other media):

  • Company commercial video - Sucampo Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • Company commercial video - R-Tech Ueno